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Residential, Commercial & Hospitality Glass Lighting

Illuminating a room can make a key difference in any household. It should be simple yet sophisticated — the answer to your ideal room aesthetic. Frost Glass understands what it means to light a room with class.

Created precisely to fit our clients’ desires, Frost Glass products are the perfect hand-blown adornments for all commercial, hospitality and residential establishments. Our glass, made entirely by hand, offers an innovative way to house light in style. Think of it as the perfect collision between color, light and design.

All of our chandeliers and hanging pendants are crafted from only the highest-quality material. It is such unique attention given to every piece that sets Frost Glass apart from conventional lighting businesses. Most importantly, authenticity and customer satisfaction are top priorities here. If you have any inquiries, please let us know, as we pride ourselves on fitting your specific needs.

Come ready with your artistic eye. Frost Glass will happily provide the hands. For more information regarding our glass lighting, feel free to contact us.

All of our lighting is made by hand, without the use of molds, therefore, each light is unique and will have slight variations.


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