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Meet the Frosts





Frost Glass objects are made by hand in a limited production by artists Carrie and Patrick Frost. Each creation of Frost Glass is made using skills and techniques honed by years of study and training with master glassmakers from around the world.


The handmade works of art are designed to beautify your home by transforming the space in which it resides. Each piece is the result of the human interaction with a molten and reactive material, the outcome of which is a moment frozen in time.

Old world techniques combined with a contemporary aesthetic creates a unique brand of glassware designed to satisfy modern needs and desires. In a world where almost everything is mass-produced and disposable, you can take pride in collecting Frost Glass, which is uniquely and meticulously crafted one piece at a time.





weblovelycouple.jpgCarrie Battista Frost holds a BFA in glass from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Patrick Frost holds a BS from Illinois State University with the concentration in Glass. After finishing school, Carrie and Patrick spent several years traveling and working with master glassmakers from the United States, the Czech Republic and Murano, Italy.

Since 2008, Carrie and Patrick have been collaborating and creating exciting functional and sculptural pieces of glass art, as well as assisting some of the most renown artists in the glass industry today.

Carrie and Patrick developed their passion for glass during their time at college. Carrie received her BFA in Glass from the Cleveland Institute of Art, specializing in imagery on glass and gold leaf gilding techniques. Patrick graduated from Illinois State University, focusing on the techniques of traditions of Venetian style glass.

While school certainly fueled their passion for the art form, it wasn't until after graduation that both Carrie and Patrick started to develop their own styles and techniques while working with accomplished artists across the country, which in turn helped them slowly make a name for themselves in the glass world.

Over the past four years, both Carrie and Patrick have been the recipients of many honorable artists in residencies, including the Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts and Neusole Glassworks in Ohio, all the while continuing their studies on other forms of media such as enameling and printmaking to help elevate their art.

Along the way, they were fortunate to work with and receive invaluable knowledge from master glass blowers from both Elio Quarisa from Murano, Italy and Martin Janceky in the Czech Republic. Through this exposure to such Master glassmakers, both Carrie and Patrick have been able to continue to blow and sculpt glass in the traditional styles - preserving the art as an homage to the masters - and incorporate their own unique signature that adds a more functional and modern spin making their work appealing to all.

Check out Carrie's gilded glass here: www.carriebattista.com




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